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Specialized Mirror Saddle Review

Specialized Mirror Saddle Review

I've tried a lot of saddles over the years from most manufacturers, with different shapes, levels of padding, cutouts etc. I finally settled on the short saddle shape as they tend to suit my style of riding. After going through a few, the S Works Power became my go to perch for all my bikes. I didn't think they could improve on that, but the Power Mirror saddle is something else! 

Specialized Power Mirror Saddle review

A good saddle should just disappear when riding. Not only do I not notice the Mirror, I actually find it supremely comfortable. I think the trick is the variable firmness - it's firmer and supportive at the rear of the saddle and softer through the middle and the front. It doesn't sacrifice performance for comfort, it's the only saddle I've ridden that does both. I ride over 10,000km a year and as one of the key contact points, I had no problem paying a little bit more for an awesome piece of kit that suits me!
Specialized Power Mirror Saddle
- Chris East
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