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iRIDE Bike Fit
iRIDE Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Looking to improve comfort, ride longer or faster?

Riding a bike is fun. Lets help you get more enjoyment, or performance, from your bike time by helping you get set-up correctly for your individual biomechanics.

How often should I check my bike fit?

Every year we get older, more or less flexible, lighter or maybe heavier, ride more, or less. In short your Bike Fit is dynamic, and something we should all look at annually.

Full 'bike fit' or partial, which one is right for you?

If you are after a 'basic set-up / quick check', on your bike to make sure your saddle is at the right height and your 'reach' is as comfortable as possible then a bike sizing might be all you need. In this service we also cover some aspects of our more advanced bike fit to assess elements of foot and saddle comfort. This is predominantly a '2D', on the bike fit, however Andrew may use skills from the Body Geometry / Retul Fit System, including biomechanics assessments where useful.

A Bike Sizing is ideal for riders newer to cycling and / or a more experienced cyclist who thinks their bike fit might be ok but wants to check. 

To make a booking enquiry, email us at

This service costs $150 for 60 minutes.   Time is charged is charged at $30 per 15 minute time block thereafter.

Bike sizing includes : Saddle height adjust fore / aft, correct saddle height based on patella drop and leg angle, basic stem / bar adjust.

Cleat installation includes : Foot and metatarsal assessment and position in shoes. Basic foot biomechanical assessment. Cleat installation to 'new neutral' cleat position.

Our fit service offers benefits to ALL riders including mountain, road, TT / Tri, gravel, touring, recreational and commuter.

The process includes:

  • Pre-fit interview
  • Advanced flexibility assessment / structural assessment as required
  • Dynamic saddle height & fore/aft
  • Dynamic handlebar positioning
  • Saddle fitting
  • Custom footbed fitting
  • Cleat adjustment
  • Hip/knee/foot alignment
  • Other adjustments as needed
  • For more information on Body Geometry Fit, jump over to 

If you have more than one bike you would like to have 'fitted' to your biomechanics please contact us for more information and package options.

Bike Fit Qualifications and Experience - Andrew Young

Andrew has been riding bikes almost daily now for over 25 years. He has a passion for helping all levels of rider from newbies to the performance oriented. Andrew has been trained and accredited  in the  Retul / Body Geometry Fit System, Levels 1 (USA), Level 2 (AUS). With near 15 years experience helping riders improve their, comfort, power and enjoyment on all forms of bicycles. Andrew has formerly competed at an Elite level in triathlon, and has a particular interest and expertise in helping athletes in this field.