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The All-new Search.Bigger Vents, Better Adventure

The All-new Search.Bigger Vents, Better Adventure

The All-new Search

We designed Search for riders who seek adventure on two wheels. With the biggest vents in its class for maximum ventilation, Search is like having an air conditioner on your head. Taking high-performance features and cooling beyond racing, Search combines the best of both worlds—S-Works-derived innovation and performance with a modern, clean design. Whether gearing up for a gravel ride, lining up for a local event, or your morning commute, the Search helmet keeps you cool no matter the destination.

Sunglass Storage: The Search helmet features innovative sunglass storage with hidden rubber flaps that maintain a secure, rattle-free fit when keeping riders’ glasses safely stored on long climbs, low light descents, and moments of rest. Riders can easily insert and remove their glasses, even when in the saddle. Our sunglass storage solution also keeps the space between the helmet and your head clear - eliminating discomfort.

Fit System: The Search helmet features our FS3 Fit System and Occipital base adjustment - taken directly from our S-Works Evade 3 and S-Works Prevail 3 - which, when paired with our sunglass storage solution, allows riders to tune the helmet angle to ensure that the helmet and eyewear stay perfectly, comfortably synched.

Exhaust Ports: Pulling inspiration from the S-Works Prevail 3, the Search features a similar ventilation system with huge rear exhaust ports, helping expel hot air pulled in through the front end and keeping a constant flow of cool air within the helmet.

5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating: The Search helmet earned the highest 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating from the internationally renowned Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Combining confidence-inspiring features, functionality, and S-Works-derived innovation and performance, the Search epitomizes all-road adventure helmets. Whether your riders are looking for a comfortable, sleek-looking helmet for training days or a do-it-all helmet for road and gravel adventures, the Search priced at $260 is the helmet for them.

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