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Fastest in the Dirt -  Meet the all-new Recon range

Fastest in the Dirt - Meet the all-new Recon range

New Recon Range

The all-new Recon 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0 is designed based on our Body Geometry philosophy for riders who obsess over dirt-driven adventures and are looking for shoes that offer optimal comfort paired with efficiency and durability. But wait, there’s more! Our all-new Stride technology is featured in all three shoes and combines two things that have never lived in harmony before - a balanced stiffness for efficient power transfer and flexibility in the outsole and forefoot for added confidence off the bike. The previously ride-ruining, 2km muddy hike-a-bike or the post-ride walk to the bar just got a whole lot more comfortable.

Like every shoe we make, the Recon 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0 started with Body Geometry to improve comfort, increase performance, and reduce the risk of injury, and the addition of our updated Stride technology makes a super efficient pedaling shoe, simple and comfortable to walk in.

All-New Stride Technology
The all-new Recon 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 were born from our industry-leading S-Works innovation— offering balanced stiffness for optimal power transfer in a fast, comfortable package for big days in the dirt. But adventures on the bike are all fun and games until you find yourself a little too far off the beaten path and need to scramble down some loose rocks or hurdle your way over a fallen tree. Doing all this in shoes that make walking feel more like ice skating is extremely challenging and can ruin a good ride, but with our improved Stride technology, adding a little hike to your bike becomes a breeze. Stride technology is featured in the Recon 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0, enabling riders of all levels to have a comfortable and confidence-inspiring off-bike experience, whether you’re hiking something unrideable or heading to the bar after the ride.

Stride technology provides a flexible outsole and upper around the toe box combined with a stiff cleat pocket, enabling the shoe to easily flex when walking and remain stiff and efficient when pedaling. Additionally, the simplified tread, made specifically for road, gravel, and trail conditions, easily grips the surface beneath you for a stable, comfortable feel off the bike.

There’s a shoe for everyone within the new and improved Recon Family. The Recon 3.0 is the perfect addition for race podium challengers—being a not-so-distant relative to its S-Works counterpart and made for speed, durability, comfort, and now lighter than ever before. The Recon 2.0 was made for riders who seek out dirt roads and challenging trails with a shoe that delivers comfort and efficiency in a durable package. Last but not least, the Recon 1.0 was made to add confidence and functionality for riders who bust their ass uphill for an unforgettable view, maybe are even clipping in for the first time, or are hopping on their trainer for an after-work hammer session on the spin bike.

Recon 3 - $440
Recon 2 - $290
Recon 1 - $190

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