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P-Series - Human or Machine, You Can’t Fake Fast

P-Series - Human or Machine, You Can’t Fake Fast

We created the ALL-NEW race-ready P-Series for the athlete seeking speed, storage, value, and comfort. It’s our no-nonsense machine engineered to get you from Point A to B - Faster. The P-Series features better air economy, improved stiffness and comfort, designed with discipline, focus, style, and swagger - every pedal stroke propels human and machine through the air with ease, turning watts into wins.

Ideal For: Time Trials, Short and Long Course Triathlon

You Bring the Grit, It’ll Bring the Glory

p series 1

A “no excuses” machine makes going your fastest a fore gone conclusion. The New P-Series is stiffer, lighter and more aero than the P3, meaning it’s faster than the P3. But, we know speed isn’t everything - it’s also designed to flex to each individual athlete. The rider has the ability to customize the fit, cockpit and ride experience. 

Never Run On Empty

p series 2

Whether your challenge is long course or Sprint event, P-Series comes equipped to carry the load. With a 500ml aero water bottle, 400ml of top-tube storage, and an integrated rear hydration mount as standard equipment, no opportunity to help our athletes win races, is ignored.

“Watts will never be wasted”

p series 3

Collapsing the assumption that narrow is aero, the new P-Series leverages all that we learned during the legendary P5 development, to deliver a platform that is not only stiffer and lighter than its predecessor, but also boasts lower drag.  It climbs better, corners naturally, and is faster in every application.

Extended Seattube Cutout

p series 4

Our Extended Seat Tube Cutout is a close fitting curve in the seat tube, which shields the leading edge of the rear wheel to significantly improve aerodynamic performance.

Modular Storage

p series 5

Modular Storage incorporates custom Cervélo parts and approved aftermarket accessories to allow full customization of your storage needs. It enables a secure and aerodynamic solution tailored specifically to your needs and your Cervélo bike.

No wasted effort

A combination of material, shape, and lay up are used to engineer the desired stiffness of different parts of the frame. Increased stiffness at the bottom bracket and overall increased torsional stiffness mean better handling and faster acceleration.

p series 6

  • 18% Stiffer at BB
  • 30% Improvement in overall torsional stiffness

Less Drag, More Speed

A complete redesign and system thinking makes the P-Series faster than the P3 in the wind tunnel and on the road.

p series 7

  • 26g faster than P3 bare
  • 18g faster than P3 loaded

Real World Usability

The P-Series is designed with ease and customizability in mind. Flexible storage options and non-proprietary components allow you to dial in your unique setup for your fastest results. 

p series 8

  • Interchangeable aftermarket cockpit options
  • Storage includes Smartpak 400, AeroBottle 500, rear bottle mount
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