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Every detail of the sleek, smart and simply powerful ELEMNT BOLT is designed to help you get out in front and stay there. Built to defy the forces trying to slow you down, BOLT’s race-worthy aerodynamics, intuitive mapping and targeted training features provide you with a bike computer that optimizes performance to help you power past the competition.


With powerful smart navigation features using millions of miles of preloaded maps, ELEMNT BOLT provides confidence to explore uncharted roads and race new courses.



With an aerodynamic integrated out-front mount system, planned workouts and customizable data fields, ELEMNT BOLT is purposefully designed to keep you focused on your performance and the ride ahead.

A Unified Front

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt A UNIFIED FRONT

Wahoo was the first to develop a computer and mount that work together, creating a truly aerodynamic bike computer. The fully integrated ELEMNT BOLT offers a streamlined platform to reduce drag and its out-front design puts your performance front and center.

Easy-Sense Buttons

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt EASY-SENSE BUTTONS

ELEMNT BOLT has three easy-sense convex top buttons. Their placement and tactile feel let you effortlessly locate them and toggle through workout screens—even when wearing long-finger gloves—so you can spend less time looking down and more time focused on your ride.

A Seamless Transition


Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt A Seamless Transition

Multisport Handover tracks and automatically shares real-time bike segment time between ELEMNT BOLT bike computer and ELEMNT RIVAL sport watch. Triathletes can now stay focused on the task at hand – their race-day performance.

Train With Purpose

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt Train With Purpose

ELEMNT BOLT is fully integrated with TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks, and Today’s Plan. Quickly find training plans and execute structured workouts that you can ride outdoors or indoors on any Wahoo Smart Trainer. Your workout data is always automatically sent back to the apps, making it easy to set, track and achieve your performance goals.

Explore More

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt Explore More

With 16GB of on-board storage you have the ability to store more maps, more race courses and more route packs, letting you prioritize your training needs, not your bike computer's storage needs.


ELEMNT BOLT's vibrant display combines colorful highlights with PerfectView Zoom™, an ambient light sensor and quick-glance programmable LEDs, giving you the ability to focus on your ride data when it matters most.

Color Where It Counts

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt Color Where It Counts

A vivid, high contrast 64-color screen uses highlight color selectively on customizable easy-to-read charts and graphs to give you critical route and performance data with just a glance.

Targeted Effort

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt Targeted Effort

With PerfectView Zoom™, ELEMNT BOLT allows you to easily zero in on the specific ride metrics that are most important to you, making it easy to optimize every ride.

Ambient Light Sensor

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt Ambient Light Sensor

Even when riding in low light, your data is easy to see with ELEMNT BOLT’s Ambient Light Sensor, so you can keep training no matter the conditions.

Quicklook Leds

Wahoo New Elemnt Bolt Quicklook Leds

ELEMNT BOLT features programmable LED indicators that offer a better way to follow routes,  monitor performance and stay focused with nothing more than a glance.

You can find the product here.

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