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Profile Design - GMR Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset



GMR - The Glendora Mountain Road Loop bicycle ride has an ideal natural beauty rarely experienced in LosAngeles CA and this is why we have named our new wheelset standard after this 56km ribbon of tarmac. Enhance your experience with a strong, light and responsive Profile Design GMR wheelset.

The GMR Tubeless Disc-Brake wheelsets are optimized for wide tires with lower tire pressure to meet the performance needs of modern riders in search of low rolling resistance and high compliance. With an internal width of 19mm, the wheelset is well suited for rough roads and tests fastest with a 28mm tire in the majority of wind angles.


The GMR 50 Wheelset has a 50mm depth rim front and rear. As a daily wheelset it is suitable if you live in an area that isn’t prone to high winds.Of course, if you’re an experienced rider and used to running deep section wheels, you can choose to use the GMR 50 in any conditions 

The GMR 50/65 is oriented towards triathlon use – the deeper rear wheel helps improve stability in the aerobars along with a small aero boost. For road racing the wheelset suits a rider that intends to be on their own at some stage of the event



  • 50 and 65mm rim depth options
  • 19mm Internal rim width
  • Centrelock disc rotor mount
  • Extra stiff hub shell design.
  • Proprietary precision machined alloy hubs.
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes with Sapim Polyax double square nipples.
  • Sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Hand-built assembly.
  • Clincher, Tubeless Ready.
  • Disc brake.
  • GMR 50 1720g set
  • GMR 50/65 1760g set