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ENVE - Smart System Disc Wheel

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Title: ENVE SES Rear Disc Wheel Rim Brake S11
The SES Disc rear wheel is for elite and professional time trialists and triathletes who are seeking maximum efficiency on race courses where average speeds will exceed 27 mph.
• Intended Use: Triathlon & Time Trials
• Inner rim width: 18.5mm
• Aero Optimized Tire Size: 25c
• Disc and Rim Brake Models Available
• Tubeless Optimized; Tube Compatible

The SES Disc wheel is the outright fastest rear wheel available. It is the culmination of nearly five years of development. During this process we considered not only aerodynamics but also rolling resistance, braking, and ride quality. The SES Disc is available as a tubeless clincher in both rim and disc brake models.


Tubeless For The Win


One Piece Molded Construction

  • The SES Disc is molded in one-piece. By molding the wheel in one-piece we are able to eliminate potential delamination or failure at a bonded joint
  • The ENVE SES Disc’s one-piece molded construction allows for a wheel that while lightweight, is also strong.
  • Carbon fiber is maximized by running long uninterrupted carbon fibers throughout the wheel. By adjusting the fiber angles of the disc wheel’s laminate, we are able to tune the ride quality of the wheel to achieve a desired balance of stiffness and comfort.


Aero Chart

SES Disc Aero Chart

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