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ENVE - M7 Wheelset

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Title: KIT 29 M730 32H I9 Hyd XD 110/148 6B

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Wheel?

Trail-tough, quick-mannered, and completely innovative, the M7 is the trail wheel on steroids that protects you from flat tires and lets you toss your tubeless tape in the bin.

• Application: Trail, All-Mountain
• Inner Rim Width: 30mm
• Lifetime Incident Protected

This wheel is the future of gravity riding and racing. Ride optimized, incredibly strong and debuting the most effective and lightest anti-flat system on the market (ENVE’s patent pending Protective Rim Strip). These wheels will give downhill oriented riders a new freedom to set their tire pressure for cornering and rock garden stability without sacrificing their confidence to smash track speeds without compromise.

M730 Intended Use


Protective Rim Strip

The ENVE Protective Rim Strip delivers:

  • Unprecedented pinch/snake-bite flat resistance
  • Ability to run lower pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance (Visit our tire pressure page to dial in your best pressure)
  • The option to run lighter weight tires if desired
  • A protective buffer between rim and trail
  • Improved tubeless performance and durability by eliminating the need to tape rims for a tubeless seal
  • Independent tubeless seal that can allow air pressure integrity in the instance the carbon is damaged or cracked

 M Series Rim Strip

  1. Increased width at leading edge dissipates impact energy and prevent pinch flats.
  2. Strip material absorbs energy protecting the ultra-lightweight carbon rim structure.
  3. Strip completely seals the air chamber, removes the need for tape and maintains pressure should the carbon be damaged.
  4. Full carbon laminate tuned for energy absorption and a smooth ride without sacrificing straight line tracking and lateral stiffness performance.

M Series Cross Section

As a member of the Family and the original owner of your ENVE product, you'll qualify for ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection and have access to ENVE's industry-leading 5-Year Limited Warranty.