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CeramicSpeed - Road Bottom Brackets - T47 Threaded

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Style: Road - 86mm Shell - 24mm Spindle

CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets guarantee you optimised power transfer, the lowest friction and longest product lifetime, helping you to save watts and ride faster. Fitting almost all standards available on the market, a wide range of CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets is available for upgrading your bike.

Put more of your energy into forward motion by reducing frictional drag wherever you can. CeramicSpeed Standard Bearings typically have frictional drag of 0.3 - 0.4 watts per set. That’s in the range of a 75% drag reduction compared to standard bottom brackets. CeramicSpeed balls are 100% smoother and 15% harder than our ceramic competition. Our bearings last at least three times longer than other bearings.

Race Day Grease, All Round, and Long Life are greases CeramicSpeed designed to maximise smoothness. The first offers the least drag, the latter is the most durable. All Round comes as standard in road bearings, Long Life in MTB. You can change the grease to further tune performance.

In The Box - 24mm

  • 2 cups with CeramicSpeed bearings and dust covers
  • 2-part spacer tube
  • CeramicSpeed All Round Grease packet
  • Sticker sheet

In The Box - DUB

  • 2 cups with CeramicSpeed bearings and dust covers
  • 2-part spacer tube
  • CeramicSpeed All Round Grease
  • Spacers for setup & adjustments
  • Sticker sheet

The Story

CeramicSpeed is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ceramic bearings. The company consists of two specialised sales channels, focusing on cycling and industrial applications.

We have more than 15 years of experience in bearings applications, and we have developed close relationships with our component suppliers over the time – each of whom is the very best in their fields. The CeramicSpeed Sports channel delivers both bearings as well as ultrafast racing chains, reinforcing the company’s goal of saving watts and delivering the lowest friction available. All our bearings are handmade and our chains are optimised by hand in Denmark.