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Apidura - Frame Pack Hydration Bladder

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Size: 1.5L

The Frame Pack Hydration Bladder is a convenient solution for carrying water when you don’t have space for bottle cages in your bike’s main triangle. Available in 1.5L and 3.0L capacities, the shaped hydration bladder is easy to fill without needing to be removed from your frame pack and connects to the accessory clip in Backcountry Frame Packs for improved stability.

As the first bikepacking-specific frame bag hydration bladder, it makes efficient use of space, so you don’t need to compromise between carrying water and other essentials. The hydration bladder is compatible with all Apidura Full Frame Packs and packs of a similar size, with a 1.2m long detachable hose designed to route through the hydration port to your cockpit for easy use while riding.

PVC free construction and certified safe to EU and FDA standards.


The Frame Pack Hydration Bladder has a PVC free construction and is certified safe to EU and FDA standards. The pack includes a detachable 1.2m hose with mouthpiece.

Apidura 2022 Frame bladder 1.5 dimensions

Apidura 2022 Frame bladder 3 dimensions


We’re an independent, family-run business of cyclists, makers and problem solvers, brought together by a shared mission to find better ways to explore the world by bike.

Apidura was born from necessity; pioneering ultralight, rackless packing systems to help us take our love of cycling further and allow riders to unlock their instinct for adventure. As devoted adventure cyclists, we design with our fellow riders in mind, creating products that address genuine needs and bring new value to the bikepacking scene. We create the best packs we can, using technical materials and precision crafting techniques – and when we find a way to improve them we do so straight away and without fanfare. We don’t do ‘seasons’, limited editions or discount our gear – we simply create the best possible technical bikepacking gear that’s built to last.