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Color: ReMote 360 Dropper Lever

Wolf Tooth ReMote 360 is a joystick-style dropper lever that can be installed almost anywhere on the handlebars. It is compatible with all cable-actuated dropper posts. The lever can be pushed or pulled in any direction with a thumb or index finger. The clamp can be rotated 360º around the bars, while the base can be rotated 360º in relation to the clamp. It can be mounted on the left or right side, above or below the bars, and angled however feels comfortable. There is no wrong way to use ReMote 360.

The Wolf Tooth ReMote 360 gives you the freedom to mount your dropper remote in places that are off-limits to conventionally mounted levers. Above or below the bars, at an angle, left or right side, the possibilities are limitless! Ideal for eBikes with busy cockpits, or for anyone whose lever positioning preferences fall outside the norm.

  • UpFront cable fixing: The dropper cable is attached at the lever, making setup and adjustment quick and easy. Simply secure cable at seatpost using stock barrel or cable clamp and route to bar for a significant reduction in installation time and frustration.
  • Stainless steel bushing: The ReMote 360 actuates your dropper from a light push in any direction, pivoting on a durable and smooth stainless steel bushing.
  • Integrated cable adjustment: The ReMote's solidly-mounted barrel adjuster makes on-the-fly adjustments quick and easy while eliminating the rattles caused by common inline cable adjusters. Pulls up to 8mm of cable.
  • Fully adjustable positioning: 360° positioning in two planes gives you the freedom to position the lever wherever you want it
  • High-traction lever: The joystick-style machined aluminum dropper lever can be pushed or pulled in any direction. A machined surface ensures that control is not lost - even in the worst of conditions.
  • Broad compatibility: The ReMote has been tested and is recommended for use with Thomson, Fox Transfer, Race Face, Easton, and 9point8 cable-actuated dropper posts.
  • Made in the USA: Wherever the capabilities exist, Wolf Tooth is committed to domestic manufacturing. From lever to packaging, 65% or more of each ReMote is made in the USA.


ReMote 360 gets its name from its versatility. It can be moved along the handlebars and rotated 360º around the handlebars. The base can also be rotated 360º in relation to the clamp for adjustment of lever starting position. ReMote 360 can adapt to any dropper lever positioning that your cockpit requires.


ReMote 360 has a 22.2mm clamp and barrel adjuster like other dropper levers. It gets its unique adjustability from the joystick-style lever and base that can be rotated in relation to the clamp. The lever pulls up to 8mm of cable while a hardened stainless steel bushing provides precise actuation from any angle.


The ReMote 360 lever can be pushed or pulled in any direction to actuate your dropper post. Push it with your thumb as you would with a standard dropper lever, pull it toward your handlebars with your index finger, or move it in any other way that works for your cockpit.


  • Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts.
  • Works with dropper posts that have the barrel end of the cable at the remote and those that have the barrel end at the post.
  • 22.2mm clamp fiits all mountain bike handlebars.


Material: 6061 T6 aluminum with stainless steel bushing
Not Included: Cable and Housing
Made in the USA


2023 Wolf Tooth Remote 360