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Staff Profile - Andrew Young

Staff Profile - Andrew Young

Kicking off our staff profiles with Andrew Young, owner and founder of iRIDE.

What you’ve done / where you’ve come from ?

I grew up on a sheep farm in Geraldine. Always loved the outdoors and being active. I have a young family and enjoy sharing the ‘stoke' riding with my two girls. I try and ride several times each week varying between road, gravel, XC to trail.

What are you riding?

  • Specialized Allez built with SRAM eTAP Force and Roval Alpinist wheels
  • Cervelo Aspero
  • Specialized frankn Epic / Evo
  • Specialized Enduro Expert
  • Mondraker CRAFTY RR eMTB.

Favourite Ride Experience?

Right now any ride with my girls as they start out. Downieville with friends in the US is hard to beat, followed by beer and pizza.

Favourite Local Ride?

  • Road - Hard to beat an Akas loop
  • Gravel - Big Coast
  • XC - Polhill Laps
  • Trail - Deliverance

First ever bike?

We had a shed of old adults bikes my aunts and uncles rode on the farm. As a kid I had bruises up my back where the seat rubbed as I couldn't sit on the seat.
What do you love most about riding?
The people, the places you can go on a bike, how good it makes you feel…and the people!

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