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Rapha - Brevet LS Windblock Jersey Review

Rapha - Brevet LS Windblock Jersey Review

After a move from spending winters riding in Sydney & Auckland to Christchurch my winter riding kit needed updating. I have a great Mons Royal top that is merino with a windproof front that has been my go to riding top when on the MTB. Using that as a base I went looking for something with a similar construction but looked suitable for the road bike, hence the Rapha Brevet Long Sleeve Windblock Jersey. It is certainly an improvement in style than the Mons top when on the roadie.

The second really key was that most of my Christchurch riding includes climbing and descending the Port Hills. So the winter top had to be breathable for the climbs, but with protection for the descents. This the Brevet Long Sleeve Windblock Jersey does. The fit is generous as it is more relaxed than the pro team fit, being of a relaxed build this is a benefit to me. The 3 pockets on the back are large, good for storing phone, jacket, food, glasses etc. 

Rapha - Brevet LS Windblock Jersey Review

On rides like yesterday that started at 8 degrees and rose to 13 degrees over the few hours, it took to ride along the flat to Sumner before the first climb up Evans Pass. This climb has patched over 12% and switches between sun and shade. The jersey provided good wind protection along the flat, before the climb, On the climb, I didn’t overheat which I would normally do in a winter jacket. The next part of the ride was out and back to Godley Head which is undulating, so constant change from climb to coast again great temp control by the jersey.

The Evans Pass to Dyers Pass; which consists of prolonged climbs and descents although of a gentler gradient than the climb to the pass, to visually stunning with the Southern Alps on the western horizon, with almost no flat road and even better no cars. The jersey is in its element here as keeping me within temperature comfort zones. With the zip on the front allowing tuning of temp, this was a great clothing choice.

The final descent from Mt Pleasant to Sumner is about 15 min (420m) of coasting with zero pedaling. This is the test of your clothing and the Brevet Windblock Jersey delivered prevented me from chilling even after the climbing earlier.

The jersey after about 4 months of use has held its shape and post riding just goes into the wash with my other cycling gear on a warm wash.

The jersey does provide some protection/warmth when the moisture arrives, it has been tested in low cloud/miss that we get on the Port Hills on previous rides, but is not a waterproof jacket.

Rapha - Brevet LS Windblock Jersey Review

With the large pockets on the rear can carry any spare layers that need to be removed as the day warms up, hence will be great for any long days. 

This top will be my go to jersey for rides during the transition months and will just end up with layers underneath or on top depending on what else the weather requires. The top is not a super warm blocking winter top but will be great as move into spring. Early morning summer rides before work will see me trialing the jersey as well. Rapha Brevet Long Sleeve Windblock Jersey will be one of those versatile jerseys that will get multiple seasons of use. Additionally would make a great bike packing top with its versatility and style.

- Richard Houghton

See the Rapha - Brevet LS Windblock Jersey here

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