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Magura MT7 Pro Review

Magura MT7 Pro Review

I find brakes to be one of the most personal and opinionated components on any bike. Personal preference plays a massive role, especially when words like 'modulation', 'bite', and 'power' are thrown around. Everyone has an opinion and no one break is deemed to be the undisputed best. 

Magura MT7 Pro Review

So when deciding to try something different after 4 years on a set of SRAM Code RSCs what to choose became quite a daunting process. After some research and glowing reviews from Workshop James, I decided to try out the Magura MT7 Pro, used by the likes of Loic Bruni, Finn Iles, and now iRIDE's own Joe Houghton. From having tested James's I knew these brakes were powerful and looked great with a shiny metallic silver finish, the only downside being that they could be tricky to set up. 

Magura MT7 Pro Review

Installing the brakes was relatively easy and after giving them a proper bleed they felt great. The limited pad clearance pad made setting them up a little tricky but after lubing the pistons and a couple of rides on them the spacing appeared to grow and both wheels now spin freely. 

On my first ride with the Magura MT7 Pro's, I was blown away by their power, where once on I would be on the brakes early, I could now brake late and almost come to a complete stop if needed. My first few rides on steep tracks created a weird feeling as I felt like I had too much control, I can honestly say they are the most powerful brakes I have ever used. This newfound braking power has not come without consequences, however, in my first week of using them I washed the front out at least three times, all I believe from simply not being used to their power and over braking.

The only change from stock i've made to the brakes is swapping out the stock lever for the Bruni lever, as these fitted my hands better. Magura offers multiple different lever options to suit different riders and their needs/wants in brake feel.

Overall I would recommend these brakes to anyone that's looking for some new powerful brakes, they have tons of modulation and insane power so are perfect for any trail, enduro, downhill, or e-bike rider. 


-Joe Houghton

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