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EXT ERA V2 Fork and E-Storia Coil Review

EXT ERA V2 Fork and E-Storia Coil Review

I’ve been running the EXT ERA V2 29 Boost Fork set at 170m Travel, and EXT E-Storia Coil E-Bike shock on my bike for the past couple months, putting them through their paces.

I run the e-bike shock option because it fits in my Mondraker Super Foxy frame, whereas their non E-Bike offering doesn’t. Currently, I’m running a 375-pound linear spring as the EXT E-Storia Coil shocks have a progressive buffer built into the body of the shock, meaning I don’t get harsh bottom outs. The spring is a little lighter than I would normally run, but due to being on the more heavily damped E-Bike shock, I don’t need the spring to offer the same level of support that I would on a different shock.

My favourite thing about the fork is the fact it’s super supple off the top but doesn’t blow through its travel, almost like combing the suppleness of a RockShox fork with the mid-stroke support of a Fox fork. It also uses an air chamber to control the end stroke ramp up instead of tokens like most other forks. The fork uses two air chambers and a coil spring to make the fork super customizable. The coil gives the fork its suppleness early in the travel while the two air springs allow for the ability to tune both the mid-stroke support and end stroke ramp up individually. This makes adjusting the fork quite easy, as I can adjust each section to what I want, rather than make sacrifices in certain areas.

EXT ERA V2 Fork and E-Storia Coil Review

The shock has a super smooth hydraulic ramp up in it, so I don’t experience heavy bottom outs and it feels really good even with a softer spring. The shock doesn’t have the same level of adjustment as the fork, but I haven’t found this to limit its performance or ride quality.

The only thing that I wish was available on both the fork is high-speed rebound, otherwise, everything has been great so far. The shock does have a heavy damping tune on it due to being designed for E-Bikes, which does feel good and suits my riding style, but I don’t think would work for everyone.

I think that EXT suspension is best suited to riders who know what they want and how to set their suspension up. All the adjustment is awesome, but it does mean that if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be hard to set up and get feeling good. When ordering the suspension from ProFlow in Queenstown, it comes set up for your riding style and weight but you still need to know what you’re doing on the setup side.

EXT ERA V2 Fork and E-Storia Coil Review

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