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Winters here, are you and your bike ready???

Winters here, are you and your bike ready???

10 MTB tools, clothing and accessories you need!!!

1. Mudguard


A good mudguard can make all the difference on a wet or muddy ride. Nobody likes getting mud in their eyes, so keeping mud and water out is a must. Shop Mudguards here

2. Riding Jacket

POC - Signal All-Weather Jacket - Moonstone Grey

Getting cold or wet can make or break a winter ride. Keeping yourself warm with a windbreaker or dry with a rain jacket is vital to prolonging your winter rides and making the most of the shorter days. Shop Jackets here

3. Wet Lube


Keeping your drivetrain lubed stops your chain from getting rusty and wearing faster. Wet lube is designed to perform in wet muddy conditions and reduce wear and resistance on your drivetrain. Shop Lube here

4. Bike Wash

Bike Wash

Keeping your bike clean will help prolong the life of components, and help to keep your frame's bearings running smoother for longer. Shop all bike cleaning here

5. Lights

Riding Lights

Whether it's for commuting in the dark or maximizing your chances to ride at night, a good set of lights is vital in winter. Shop all lights here

6. Merino Socks

Merino Socks

Getting wet, cold feet have ruined many a ride. Keep your feet warm even when wet with a good pair of merino socks, and prolong your winter rides. Shop all socks here

7. Riding Pants

Riding Pants

A good pair of riding pants can make all the difference when the cold wet months set in. Keeping you dry and warm underneath, while keeping the mud off and looking good. Shop riding pants here

8. Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves

As with wet socks, wet, cold hands have ruined many a winter ride. Keep your hands warm even when wet with a good pair of gloves. Protecting your hands in the event of a crash and keeping them warm to prolong your winter rides. Shop all gloves here

9. Mud Tyres

Mud Tyres

Changing riding conditions, means new tyres are always a good idea. A good winter tyre will maximize grip in the mud and keep you in control and out riding for longer. Shop all tyres here

10. New Grips

New Grips

Grips are your largest connection point to your bike. Keeping your hands on the bars is vital for control, and not an area to compromise. Fresh grips for winter will ensure your hands stay where they're supposed to. Shop all grips here

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