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Race Ready

Race Ready - Service

With summer here and races fast approaching, the team at iRIDE are stoked to announce our latest service offering, Race Ready. The concept is simple, its everything your bike needs to be looking and performing at its best come race day. 

Included in Race Ready is a bike wash, full strip and clean of your bike's drivetrain, grease BB, tune gears, performance lube on chain, adjust brakes, bolt check, bike clean, adjust hubs and true wheels.

Not sold? Well, do you know just how much of a disadvantage a dirty drivetrain, dry BB, loose hubs or rubbing brakes can have? All of these reduce efficiency and cost you watts. A dry or dirty chain alone can cause a decrease in efficiency of up to 14 watts

Race Ready

Still not sold? Well every service includes a free iRIDE 750ml water bottle, which coupled with your freshly serviced, clean, race ready bike. Will make you and your bike pop in every race photo. 

Book your bike in here or jump on your HubTiger app and select the Race Ready service option. 



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