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iRIDE 24 Hour Service Turnaround (NEW)

iRIDE 24 Hour Service Turnaround (NEW)

Yes! We've got you covered for those emergencies and quick-fixes that come up.

The intent of the 24 hour service turn-around is to help you with those ‘quick fixes’. The ones that will keep you going till you can book the longer service your bike might really need, when a workshop might otherwise be booked out 1,2 even 3 weeks at certain times of the year.

It costs $125, and can cover a range of smaller services that take up to 60 minutes, with any parts required already onsite. See below a list of the type of jobs the team can help with. If your bike on inspection requires more work than can be done within the 60 minutes, the team will communicate how and when the extra work can be done and rebook you for a later date.

See the list of service offerings we have below;

Adjust Brake Calipers, Adjust Derailleurs, Adjust Derailleur Hanger Alignment , Bleed Hydro Brakes, E Bike Firmware Update, Install Bar Tape, Install Brake Disc Rotor, Install Brake Pads (includes $20 adjust), Install Chain, Install Grips, Install Handlebar, Install Inner Cable, Install MTB Tubeless Tyre Inc Sealant, Install Mudguard, Install Pannier Rack, Install Pedals, Install Saddle Install, Install Tyre / Tube, Install Tyre/Tube - Hub E Bike, Install Wheel Spoke, Install/Overhaul Bottom Bracket, Install/Overhaul Headset, Service - Safety, True/Tension Wheel

Available On Selected Workshop Services Stated Above*

NOTE: Service is Not Offered On Weekends


Terms and Conditions

- 24 hours start from the time of drop off to the next day workshop is open (Friday afternoon drop off means Tuesday afternoon pick up). Our workshop operates Tuesday - Friday for bookings.

- Parts for all jobs must already be onsite or supplied by the customer

- When your bike is checked in, an M check will be performed and the needed work discussed with customer

- A bike cannot be booked for multiple jobs within the same 24-hour service turnaround

iRIDE 24 Hour Services

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