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Turbo Vado - It's You, Only Faster

Turbo Vado - It's You, Only Faster


Get There Faster

Designed to deliver the agility and feel of a “regular” bike—just with the extra “oomph” of our Specialized e-bike Technology System. Turbo Vado lets you go farther and faster than you ever thought possible.

Ride Like You Mean It

 vado 1Specialized motors are smooth, powerful, and quiet. Turbo Vado’s custom motor control software seamlessly amplifies your effort so that pedaling feels smooth and natural. It’s you, after all, only faster.

Ride Everywhere

vado 2

With plenty of juice to get the wallet you forgot at home and back to work again before your next meeting, Turbo Vado’s battery won't leave you stranded. This seamlessly integrated and lockable battery is just as easy to remove as it is to charge.

 Mission Control App

vado 3

Custom-tune nearly every aspect of your ride, monitor your power use, control your range, perform basic system diagnoses, and record and upload rides—all on one app.

Integrated Display

vado 5

2.2-inch LCD display is easy to see, and the custom handlebar remote lets you view screens without ever removing your hands from the bars.

It's You, Only Faster

Turbo Vado


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