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The Unbelievable Power to Ride More Trails

The Unbelievable Power to Ride More Trails

The culmination of our forty years spent building state of the art bikes, the Levo offers an unequaled combination of ride quality, power, and range. It is the distillation, application and amplification of everything we know about mountain biking; a potent blend of chassis, suspension, geometry and motor assist that adds up to an incredible trail riding experience. It is the liveliest, most nimble, full-power eMTB ever.

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  • Integrated Design: A full carbon chassis developed in concert with a new Turbo Full Power System motor and MasterMind Turbo Control Unit fuses together 150mm of rear suspension, progressive geometry and sophisticated motor assist to bring you a ride like no other.

  • Mixed Wheel: A dedicated mixed wheel design with 27.5” rear and 29” front wheels allows short chainstays for nimble handling yet maintains the confidence inspiring large wheel up front for traction and stability, delivering a ride that carves circles around other full-power eMTBs.

  • Progressive Geometry: A steeper seat tube angle, longer front end, and more relaxed head tube angle with a reduced offset fork centers you on the bike, optimizes traction and corner control, and enhances stability in the rough and at speed.
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    • Personalized Handling: Along with the updated geometry, we tore a page from the Stumpjumper Evo playbook and made that geometry super-adjustable. Six different settings allow fine tuning of ride characteristics – head angle is adjustable three ways between 63 and 65.5 degrees, and the bottom bracket can be independently raised or lowered 7mm via the flip-chip on the Horst pivot.

    • S-Sizing: Just like with the Enduro and Stumpjumper families, Levo is available in six sizes that are based on what matters most; rider size and style, not inseam.

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      • RxTune suspension: Levo’s 150mm rear/160mm front suspension has been custom tailored specifically in consideration of the power and speed that this bike can generate. Kinematics, leverage curves, damping and spring rates have all been developed to work together in harmony, delivering a highly controlled, responsive and precise ride.

      • Power: The Turbo Full Power motor supplies up to 565 watts of peak power and 90Nm of torque – it's 4X you – but it delivers this ample power and torque in an intuitive and seamless manner for an incredibly natural feel.

      • Range: Shattering limitations, Levo’s 700 watt-hour battery can support you for up to five hours of ride time. Smart Control ensures that you won’t run out of juice, managing support levels to get you home. Now you can ride farther and explore more than ever before.
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        • Control: MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU) is the hardware and software that manages how the motor, battery, bike and you interact. It is essentially the brain of Levo, and allows real-time support tuning while riding, displays all relevant ride data, enables over the air updates so that Levo gets even better over time, and seamlessly integrates with the Mission Control app for advanced tuning, on-trail diagnostics, and more.

        • The Power of Trust: Turbo Full Power System motor features a more robust belt for long-term reliable power delivery and a new firmware that further optimizes efficiency and power output, providing an even smoother, more natural ride feeling. This motor is being used on all new Levos.
        You can find the product here.
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