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Summer Team Collection 2020

Summer Team Collection 2020

Inspired by Summer's by the Pool

Who said Essentials should be boring? Our TC20 Jersey benefits from super lightweight qualities and the luxurious softness of Light Asteroid 2.0. Paired with a high sun protection factor, and exeptionally breathable fabrics – particularly beneficial during summer and ideal for every day, all day.

All Day. Every Day.

At 130 gsm, Light Astroid 2.0 is one of the lightest performance fabrics you will ride in. The improved ventilation will leave you feeling more comfortable and in control of your core temperature for longer.

Lasting Lightweight Luxury

A Martindale score measures fabric durability. To us, a high score is a standard we will never overlook. For you, it means your garment has been built to withstand hours of abuse in any conditions, whilst maintaining the lightweight qualities you need this Summer.

Sun Protection

If you’re going to be out there all day, every day, you need to be protected. UPF30+ will reduce the risk of sun damage to your skin. Achieving this with our ultra light Open Cell Mesh is pretty impressive. Trust us.

You can find the collection here

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