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New SuperFoxy

New SuperFoxy

The new SuperFoxy is the perfect bike for those riders looking for the most aggressive and hardcore riding, always pushing the boundaries and looking for the gnarliest trails

Mondraker Presents The All-new 2020 SuperFoxy

Foxy Carbon 29 has become the benchmark for all riders looking for the best performing, more versatile and best balanced Enduro mountain bike these days.

Foxy Carbon has set the new trend and has risen the bar on latest technology of suspension design and bike geometry

But… (there’s always a “what if…” right?) those riders looking for the most aggressive and hardcore riding, always pushing the boundaries and looking for the gnarliest trails and bigger jumps, there is a longer travel and more capable Foxy Carbon sibling for 2020 and it’s called the SuperFoxy. 

Super Enduro


From now on you will have no excuses to ride down that sketchy trail, to jump that gap or simply getting dropped back following your fast riding buddies.

SuperFoxy will improve your riding skills and will make you a faster SuperEnduro rider, guaranteed.

Super Enduro Meets The SuperFoxy

With the same pedaling efficiency traits Foxy Carbon is reckoned with and a newly designed Zero Suspension kinematics for a more supple beginning stroke off the top and a more progressive leverage ratio ideal for coil and big volume air shocks, the new SuperFoxy features longer 160 mm rear and 170 mm front suspension travel.

You will be blown away by its torsional and laterally stiff rear triangle which makes the riding outstanding, and the bike feels super planted while being amazingly capable and active over all the rough and chattery bumpy terrain.

And what about those rad looks? 170 mm FOX 36 FIT GRIP2 Factory Kashima forks with Float X2 Air on the white SuperFoxy Carbon R and DHX2 Coil on the blue SuperFoxy Carbon RR, beautiful one piece Monoblock Carbon rocker for these new SuperEnduro beasts, be sure both SuperFoxys are ready to tackle any challenge or compete for the podium at any EWS race.



SuperFoxy Carbon benefits from improved performance thanks to market leading Forward Geometry offering a great control, superior handling, stability and confidence out on the trails.  SuperFoxy Carbon 29 features a slack –and adjustable- stock 65.0° head angle with 170mm FOX 36 FIT GRIP2 forks with short 44mm offsets, 160mm rear suspension travel, 440 mm or 450 mm adjustable chainstay length, long front center and reach numbers that establish a perfect balanced geometry for this SuperEnduro racing rig.


Shorter fork offsets

SuperFoxy Carbon forks feature short 44mm offsets which perfectly match Forward Geometry with increased stability at speed, better front wheel control and improved front tire grip. Shorter fork offsets have its biggest and superior benefits in combination with our genuine and distinctive Forward Geometry concept with its super responsive and direct steering featuring FG30mm stem and long reach. The increase in trail boosts steering stability with a perfectly balanced 65.0° standard (and adjustable) head angle with 170mm forks.

The result? Shorter offsets combined with Forward Geometry translates into a more playful ride, the feeling that you can attack harder in corners with extra confidence and added grip as a bonus, and a more enjoyable and faster ride overall. 


New 160 mm Zero Suspension kinematics

SuperFoxy Carbon features a new optimization of the Zero system -with new kinematics specially developed for high volume air and coil shocks with a more supple beginning stroke and a more progressive leverage ratio to match the more demanding requirements of bigger jumps and overall more hardcore riding.

This kinematic updates result in a super capable rear suspension that perfectly follows your line, tracks the terrain and eat bumps like if there’s no tomorrow.

Exclusive design for 1X12 drivetrains

Following the new trends in the market nowadays, SuperFoxy Carbon 29 has been designed for the use of 1X and 12 speed drivetrains.

-HHG Internal cable routing: Hidden Housing Guide

SuperFoxy Carbon 29 benefits from our HHG technology with internal guide for the rear derailleur cable, rear brake line and internally routed seatpost on both R and RR models. HHG features some external stops to attach the cables, avoiding any possible noise while preserving the most sleek and as clean as possible design.

-Oversized pivot thru axles and Enduro bearings

SuperFoxy Carbon 29 models benefit from 15 mm diameter thru axles as well as oversized and exclusive Enduro Max bearings, increasing lifespan and reliability, able to withstand higher loads and a more demanding ride.

-SuperBoost 157x12 and 110x15 mm

Foxy Carbon 29 features SuperBoost hub 157x12 mm rear and 110x15 mm front spacing.

-New silent chainstay custom made rubber protector  

For 2020 we have designed an exclusive chainstay protector made of a special soft compound rubber which helps to keep a silent ride even on the harsher conditions and bumpier terrains, efficiently filtering all chain vibrations and keeping chain slap at bay.

-ISCG05 / BB73 threaded bottom bracket shell/ Tapered headtube/ Post mount rear brake caliper

SuperFoxy Carbon 29 has the option of installing a chainguide with ISCG05 mount. Bottom bracket type feature a standard English thread style with a shell width of 73mm. Headtube is tapered, 1-1/8” upper and 1-1/2” lower. The rear brake is post-mount with a 2 position adaptor to choose either 440 mm chainstay length or 450 mm.

You can find the collection here.

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