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Kickr CORE - The essential indoor smart trainer

Kickr CORE - The essential indoor smart trainer

Kickr At The Core

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KICKR CORE delivers a realistic, accurate, and quiet indoor training experience by using the proven flywheel technology, advanced algorithms, and integrated cadence measurement that originated with the iconic KICKR smart trainer.

Designed To Endure

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The KICKR CORE was built to the quality that cyclists around the world have come to expect from Wahoo. Made to withstand your most intense training sessions, watt for watt — season after season.

Climb Compatible


By pairing KICKR CLIMB to the KICKR CORE you can take your training to another level by integrating real ascents and descents into your workouts.

Ride Connected

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KICKR CORE pairs seamlessly with Wahoo KICKR Trainer Accessories, Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computers, and Wahoo Sensors along with the most popular apps and software to create the ultimate indoor training environment.

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