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Meet the all-new Tarmac SL7. We’ve drawn on decades of research and innovation to create one bike that puts an end to compromise. Starting now, riders and racers will no longer be forced to choose between the aerodynamic advantage of the Venge or the handling and lightweight climbing prowess of the Tarmac.

It's aero, it's stiff, and it's light. Pick all three. Up until now, this triangle of features was limited to only two choices. An aero bike wasn’t light enough to climb effectively and a lightweight bike typically sacrificed aerodynamics. With the Tarmac SL7, compromise is a thing of the past.

It can't get any lighter - or it's illegal. At 6.7kg with an 800g frame out of the box, this machine is ready to race at the UCI legal limit.

Looking for breakaway glory or a sprint victory? No problem. 45 seconds faster than the Tarmac SL6 over 40km, this bike is the fastest bike on every road.

Even at the end of the hardest ride, you'll still be grinning. Our Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy ensures that each and every size iteration of the bike delivers the same legendary Tarmac handling–telepathic response at the bars, magic at the pedals, and the comfort to stay fresh over hundreds of kilometres.


View the 2021 Tarmac SL7 range here.


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