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Rapha - X Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

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We can access the entire current season Rapha range and colour variants, and generally have it within 5-8 days if you see it on the Rapha website. Save on international freight and currency conversation costs by buying in NZ. All stock availability dependant

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  • A ceramic coffee dripper with Rapha branding, perfect for your pour over.

    Cycling and coffee go hand in hand. For those in the know, ceramic coffee drippers are preferred for their ease-of-use and clean, repeatable coffee brewing. The V-shaped cone with 60° angle allows water to flow through all parts of coffee resulting in the evenly extracted cup of coffee.

    Made from the highest quality porcelain, this ceramic V60 retains heat well for improved, consistent brewing. The internal ribs aid water flow for a ‘clean’ cup. The dripper can be sat on top of a carafe or straight onto a cup or carafe, and the 02 size can brew up two to four cups of coffee at a time.

    The V60 is simple to use and clean, being dishwasher safe and microwave friendly. It is also the professionals' choice - five out of seven World Brewers Cup Champions prefer this manual pour-over.

    • V60 dripper in black with Rapha logo
    • Brew directly into server
    • Ceramic body
    • Included plastic measuring spoon