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POC - Coron Air Spin Helmet - Hydrogen White

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Size: Coron Air Spin - Hydrogen White - XS-S

Coron Air SPIN
• Superior ventilation
• Designed to be worn all day
• Features SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside)
• Emergency removable cheek pads
• Ear chambers designed for less effect on balance and hearing
• Chin bar constructed for optimized protection and easy breathing
• Break Away visor
• Multi-impact EPP liner
• All internal padding can be removed for washing
• Simple and effective buckle fastening system
• Precision and seemless fit with new Ora goggle

Developed in collaboration with leading professionals and POC team athletes, including slopestyle legend, Martin Söderström and Robin Wallner from the Ibis Enduro racing team, the Coron Air SPIN helmet offers the ideal blend of performance, protection, ventilation and all day comfort. The helmet has been designed for competition use and has been certified for use in downhill and enduro racing. The Coron Air SPIN uses a fiber glass shell material paired with a multi-impact EPP liner which provides high impact performance, durability and low weight. The Coron Air SPIN also features POC’s patent pending rotational impact protection system, SPIN, which is designed to reduce the effects of an oblique fall by reducing the amount of force transmitted to the head and brain. By using the innovative and unique pad technology, which sit directly against the user’s head and can shear in any direction during an oblique impact, SPIN pads allow the helmet to move relative to the head during a fall, reducing the force transmitted to the brain. The Coron Air SPIN features an advanced ventilation system which pushes air through the helmet via a series of internal channels providing enhanced levels of ventilation. In addition the ventilation design has been optimized for all day use, especially during transfers between Enduro stages or hotter days on the bike, and thanks to the vent design the airflow has been maximsed to work at both low and high speed. To complete a high performance and versatile helmet the Coron Air SPIN also features emergency removable cheek pads for added security in the case of a head or neck injury, ear chambers which have been designed to reduce any negative effect on balance and hearing, a chin bar constructed for optimized protection and breathing as well as a break away visor designed to break off in the case of an impact to protect the users head and neck.