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Goodyear - Vector 4seasons Tyre - Tube Type

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Size: Vector 4Seasons Tube Type 700x25 / 25-622 Blk

Developed for Grip, Durability & Efficency
Ultra high-performance to a broader range of conditions with a reinforced casing, wider tread cap and dedicated Dynamic:Silica4 compounding to minimize rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip.


  • Dynamic: Silica4 compound is formulated to minimize rolling resistance while enhancing wet grip.


  • R:Shield - Improved puncture protection under the tread while maintaining overall performance


  • Keeping the driving and braking forces aligned properly as cornering forces come into play.


Designed to perform at the highest level


Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons - Use Chart


 The Story

The Goodyear name first appeared on a tyre — a bicycle tyre, to be precise — in 1898. Since then, Goodyear and the legendary Winged Foot™ logo have been synonymous with victory, dominating the winner’s circle across the entire spectrum of motorsports. Goodyear tyres have shouldered heavy-duty work on everything from airplanes to Zambonis. They’ve rolled on the moon and have helped steer millions of motorists along their journeys.

Now, 120 years after Goodyear's original offering, we welcome a new line of performance bicycle tyres. Developed with Rubber Kinetics, the Goodyear line utilizes refined compounds and casings, each purpose-built for their intended environments.