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Be Quick, TDF Daily Deal expires in

Goodyear - Newton DH Tyre - 27.5 - Ultimate

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Title: Newton DH Ultimate TC Dynamic:RS/T 27.5x2.6 Blk

Featuring a deep tread, firmly supported side knobs, and advanced compounds, the Newton provides surefooted traction in all conditions. As befitting a tire named after the man who defined the laws of gravity and motion, Newton is the enduro and downhill rider’s choice; it’s the tire to reach for when the terrain gets steep and traction is of the utmost importance.


  • Next-generation tubeless tire design incorporating tubeless specific bead and casings, allowing for easy installation and superior air retention.


  • Dynamic:RS/T – Rugged Soft-Terrain compounded formulated for maximum grip.


  • Utilizing a smaller thread fabric, this casing uses less rubber - making the tire more supple and faster rolling, with improved traction.


  • Utilizing a 2-ply casing increases sidewall toughness by 100%. This, along with a butyl insert, provides the ultimate in support and durability for DH applications.


  • A:Wall – A butyl layer located within the casing plies – A:Wall provides additional sidewall support.


 The Story

The Goodyear name first appeared on a tyre — a bicycle tyre, to be precise — in 1898. Since then, Goodyear and the legendary Winged Foot™ logo have been synonymous with victory, dominating the winner’s circle across the entire spectrum of motorsports. Goodyear tyres have shouldered heavy-duty work on everything from airplanes to Zambonis. They’ve rolled on the moon and have helped steer millions of motorists along their journeys.

Now, 120 years after Goodyear's original offering, we welcome a new line of performance bicycle tyres. Developed with Rubber Kinetics, the Goodyear line utilizes refined compounds and casings, each purpose-built for their intended environments.