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FEEDBACK SPORTS - Alpine Digital Scale

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Title: Alpine Digital Bicycle/BackPacking/Gear Scale 25Kg (55Lbs)

Since the invention of the bicycle there’s been one constant…”How much does it weigh?” Whether it’s a wheelset, frameset, tool set, or whatever else riders get fixated on, weight matters. The Alpine Scale was the first Feedback Sports product and it was the first scale of it’s kind to be built (and patented) specifically to be clamped in a bike repair stand. With unmatched consistency and precision, ability to go quickly between pounds decimal, pounds and ounces, grams and kilograms, this is your hang scale of choice.

• Easily clamped in a bike repair stand
• Measures in precise 10g increments
• Easily swaps between pounds decimal, pounds and ounces, grams and kilograms
• 21.5cm top nylon loop allows to hang from a hook, tree branch or by hand
• Accuracy within ±10g
• 25kg maximum load
• Coated hook protects your frame or components
• Zero and Tare functions for clearly and accurately identifying weight differences
• Auto shut-off saves battery life
• (4) AAA batteries included
• 1-Year Warranty