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ENVE - Road 2.0 Fork

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Title: Fork 2.0 1 1/8 45 rake BLACK

What it is:
The fork by which all others are judged.

Why we made it:
By following our mantra of functional simplicity, we developed a manufacturing process that allows the fibers in an ENVE fork to run continuously from top of the steerer to the bottom of the drop-outs. The 2.0 fork is a hollow one-piece design free of bonding or drilling. Additionally the brake bolt hole is molded into the crown allowing for additional weight savings and strength. You can literally put an ENVE fork on a bike within minutes of it leaving the mold. While this manner of construction is novel, the real win is that the majority of artisan frame builders and customers choose the ENVE 2.0 as their fork of choice due to its confident on road performance and handling characteristics.