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ENVE - Gravel Handlebar

SKU EN300-1025-003
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Title: Bar Gravel 46cm

What it is:
A purpose built carbon drop bar specifically designed to improve the off-road drop bar ride experience.

Why we made it:
We know from our experience riding and racing gravel that the right amount of flare in the drops can provide more control and confidence in nearly every situation where riding in the drops is preferred. From our experience riding mountain bikes we know that wide handlebars also improve control and confidence. For this reason, the G Series Handlebar is available in widths ranging from 42cm to 48cm measured center to center in the hoods. Our experience riding road bikes and developing road handlebars for World Tour road racers has helped us create a gravel handlebar that is ergonomically comfortable for long hours in the saddle. Our experience designing carbon fiber laminates has allowed us to refine the G Series Handlebar to absorb and damp inputs from the trail, minimizing upper body fatigue.

The G Series Gravel Handlebar is also equipped for electronic shifting and features a wide clamping area to accommodate everything from lights to clip-on extensions for the most epic trips.

Width C-C at hoods: 42 cm, 44 cm, 46 cm, 48 cm