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Elite - Drivo II Trainer


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  • The most accurate interactive home trainer in the world

    This trainer is a direct evolution of the Drivo, which was already a great starting point. Drivo II’s color catches your eye right away - black, sporty and aggressive just like its core, with an internal power meter that makes it the most accurate interactive home trainer in the world. We benefited from the experience with Direto, and improved the general stability of the home trainer. These new supporting legs now improve balance even when you’re standing. Try it, you’ll be ecstatic! You’ll adjust resistance in the blink of an eye - It’s powerful, quiet and fluid, just like pedaling outdoors on your bike. VR is here!


    DRIVO II's integrated power meter determines watts with the same accuracy of scientific power meters, thus combining the advantages of a professional tool with the convenience of an easy and intuitive system. DRIVO II measures power throughout the whole pedaling movement via a 24 points system with +/- 0.5% accuracy. This way you can determine your legs' effort throughout all phases of the pedaling stroke, thereby enhancing its efficacy.


    The wide support base ensures great stability on the DRIVO II. Moreover, the adjustable scratch-proof plastic feet align the bike perfectly so on the home trainer you can maintain the same position on the saddle you have while cycling on the road.


    As there's no wheel and special precautions have been taken, Drivo II is one of the quietest home trainers on the market, so the right kind of focus is ensured on any training session: the only noise you can hear comes from the chain of the bike. It's just you, the bike and the road.

    Direct transmission

    Drivo II is a home trainer with direct transmission of power output. There are many advantages to this: no slippage even on the most intense sprints, no tyre wear, great noise reduction as there's no contact between roller and wheel

  • Thru-axle locking system Including 142 x 12 mm thru-axle adapters
    My E-Training 36 months
    Warranty 2 years
    Weight 18 Kg
    S/C sensor Not required
    Communication ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart
    Power supply Required
    Inner resistance Interactive
    Transmission Direct
    Power output 2300 w
    Accurate measurement +/- 0.5 %
    Slope simulation 24 %