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Elite - Direto X Trainer


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  • More accurate

    Direto X was created to integrate our range of interactive bicycle home trainers with an even more accurate model for a product that was already among the high range of powerful and stable hometrainers to begin with. The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) gives the Direto X its high data accuracy while training - the innovative integrated power meter detects power output with a ± 1,5% increased accuracy compared to the Direto.

    More powerful

    The more a hometrainer is powerful, the higher the slope it is able to simulate. This is why the Direto X, more powerful than the Direto, simulates very significant slope gradient values, up to 18%. It's ideal to meet the demands of the most exacting cyclists.


    The Direto may be known for being one of the quietest bicycle hometrainers in its category, however we wanted to outdo ourselves with the Direto X. We added some key components in its internal mechanics to offer you the absolute quietest indoor training experience you might have. Reaching unprecedented quietness levels, this hometrainer is perfect for those early morning training sessions and high resistance pedaling, with no need to worry about the neighbours.


    Stability is one of the strong suits of this hometrainer. The large, stable and solid adjustable legs of the hometrainer ensure an extensive supporting base, no matter the surface you lean them on. This great bicycle stability on the hometrainer will allow you to express all your power while training and be free to move on the saddle in total safety. No noise, no vibrations, just you and your pedaling.

  • Thru-axle locking system Including 142 x 12 mm thru-axle adapters
    My E-Training 12 months
    Warranty 2 years
    Weight 15 Kg
    Power supply Required
    S/C sensor Not required
    Communication ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart
    Inner resistance Required
    Transmission Direct
    Power output 2100 w
    Accurate measurement 1.5 %
    Slope simulation 18 %