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Dyedbro - Full Frame Protection Kit - Flames

SKU DBF 11115

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For those who have a love for hot rods and high speeds. Turn your bike into a flaming hot ride!

Dyedbro frame kits are full coverage, easy to install frame protection in a range of great designs. Fits all frames, regardless of discipline or material, and keeps prevents chips and scuffs to keep your bike looking brand new!

    Designed to protect frame top tube, down tube, seat stays, and chainstays with 8 pieces in total:
      • x1 Top Tube Protector
      • x2 Extra pieces for larger frames
      • x1 Down Tube Protector (clear)
      • x2 Chainstay Protectors
      • x2 Seatstay Protectors

      If you don't trust yourself to install Dyedbro Frame Protection, contact us and we can arrange professional install for $120.

      The Story

      We are a small bike company created by riders, for riders. We ride our bikes every day, that’s why we offer the best universal and easy to install frame protection. Alongside our classic clear protection kits, we also have loads of designs so you can choose the right one for your style.


      This hashtag was introduced to us by MTB legend and photographer Gary Perkin. After a couple of very special days shooting in Chile, Gary and Iago came up with a photo of a drift never seen before. The photo started to float around the internet with the hashtag and started to get a lot of attention. This led up to the moment we had to choose a name for our brand, and it became pretty easy to choose it: Do you even drift bro? Which once shortened it became: DYEDBRO.

       HOW TO 

      Apply the protector

      Want a new style? Simply reverse the wrapping process, ease up the adhesive with the heat gun and peel off gently using more heat as required. Clean up and install your new pattern.