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Corima - Lenticular C+ Tubular Disc Rear Wheel


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 The Corima Lenticular rear wheel is made of 3K carbon fibre which makes it a very light wheel, thus offering excellent rolling and aerodynamics. The C+ disc wheel has an extra carbon coating compared to the CN disc wheel. The C+ wheel is therefore 20% stiffer than the slightly lighter CN wheel and can take some beating! It is particularly suitable for use on the track or on tandem.

The Corima Lenticular rear wheel is designed to be equipped with tubulars. Tubulars provide a better grip, less friction with the pavement, and an excellent rolling performance. There is no maximum air pressure for tubular wheels except the one recommended by the manufacturer of the tubular tyre you're going to set on your wheel.

Product Features:

  • Wheel: 28" Tubular Rear
  • Weight: 1270 g
  • Height: 32 mm
  • Model: C+
  • Width: 22.6mm
  • Quick release skewer: no
  • Integrated magnet: yes


  • Protection wheel bag
  • Valve extender