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CHROMAG Fubars OSX LTD 800mm wide

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Colour: Black/Gold

Chromag has a strong history of manufacturing handlebars. The OSX is one of our best selling products and put us on the map as a bike components company. The OSX has a reputation for its perfect combination of bend and upsweep. This geometry combined with an array of colour choices has made the OSX a popular choice for pretty much any discipline of mountain biking.

The OSX is the next step in our progression. By refining the shape, and utilizing variable butting, high grade alloys and advanced heat treatment techniques, we have increased the fatigue life by over 50%. So much so, that we’ve seen fatigue test results reach over 1 million cycles.

Our first major success at Chromag was the design and production of progressive, relevant handlebars and in 2005, we were arguably the most contemporary handlebar producer with some of the widest, strongest bars on the market.  As a result, we carved out our niche as a component brand. We continued to earn our place in the bike industry as a handlebar authority, with a focus on quality, and up-to-date geometry. 

As riders go bigger and do more dynamic things, we’ve continued to refine our handlebar lineup. Lift-access bike parks allow us to put ten times the mileage we used to do, in one day, and as such the demand on handlebars continues to expand.  There are more competitors on the market than ever and as a result, we’ve increased our efforts to push development further to be best in class, with the most innovative, high-performance products on the market. 

2020 marks the fruition of several new features and advancements resulting from new design ideas, new technologies in fabrication, and expanded capabilities of our manufacturing facilities.