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Staff Profile - Ollie Waters

Staff Profile - Ollie Waters

Fun facts about Ollie are his favorite three words are "got any jobs?" and he only knows Sam Hill as "that enduro guy".

What you’ve done / where have you come from?

I'm 15 years old. My first experience on a bike was BMX, now I'm into down hill racing. My other passions are building and flying RC planes and drones. I have a Siamese cat called "Rusty".

What are you riding?

  • Commencal Clash
  • Specialized Status 160 (ETA December 2021)

Favorite ride?

  • Mt Vic - V, Bomb Hole and Damian’s
  • Makara - Peak Flow, Starfish and Yeah Gnar K-Hole

Best experience on a bike?

  • Skyline Queenstown .
  • Dirt Farm
  • "The Spot"

Ollie WatersOllie WatersOllie Waters

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