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Staff Profile - James Olliver

Staff Profile - James Olliver

Fun facts about James are, he is the 2nd of three iRIDE James's and although not official, likely holds the record for most days taken to complete the Tour of Aotearoa (309 days).

What you’ve done / where you’ve come from?

Grew up on a small Island in the English Channel doing skids & wheelies, riding whatever, wherever.
Love riding and tinkering with bikes.
Raced the Megavalanche multiple times, made the main race and a few EWS’s in-between.

What are you riding?

  • Mondraker Foxy RR custom, Enve, Renthal, XTR, Magura.
  • Sequoia Elite with some touring upgrades.
  • Allez, Di2 Ultegra.
  • Epic Expert with dropper SDG, mix of XT/XTR.
  • Adamant trials bike for bouncing on.

Favorite ride?

Moved my life to the other side of the world for the riding here. Rotorua is great for an eagle vs shark. Queenstown for the views. Nelson for the rawness. But home cliff paths are a great mix of terrain too.
Best experience on a bike?
Love mountains !! Alps, Megavalanche is a stand out for the speed and different terrain.
Riding the length of NZ in the TA is a big deal for me and great I get to do it with my other half.

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