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Staff Profile - Jake Hammond

Staff Profile - Jake Hammond

What have you done/where you from?

Originally from Lincolnshire in the UK but moved over here (NZ) for the mountain bike trails. Started cycling on the Road back in 2014 doing various sportives, one of them riding Paris Roubaix, which was, I guess you could say a literal sensational experience. Started racing for a couple of years doing, road races, cyclo-cross, TTs and everything in-between. Road cycling slowly faded out and mtbing became the next cool thing, after realising my hometown was flat as a pancake, I was in search of steeper terrain which brings me here! 

What are you riding?

- Main riding bike is a Chromag rootdown hardtail. At 160mm of travel and exactly 0 in the rear always adds a little spice to each trail.
- 2021 giant reign
- Kona Sutra gravel bike which is exclusively becoming my town bike or South Island bike packing trips only. 

Favourite ride?

- Gravel ride. probably the ride to St Arnaud and back, pretty solid weekend ride. 
- MTB ride. One of my favourite trails would probably be 491. Chunky but funky. Also love a bit of Vertigo at Makara peak. Good mix of tech and flow. 

Best experience on a bike?

I wasn't the one riding but being a neutral service mechanic for the NZ cycle classic in the Wairarapa. Was an amazing experience following the peloton in a car over the 5 stages and helping riders with mechanicals at the side of the road. After watching these guys, they are next level!
Staff Profile - Jake HammondStaff Profile - Jake HammondStaff Profile - Jake hammond
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