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Staff Profile - Ashton Grey

Staff Profile - Ashton Grey

What you've done / where you've come from?

Grew up in Cambridge, raced cross country motocross for the Yamaha NZ team. Have ridden bikes my whole life as cross training and for general fun. Have moved to Welly for Uni starting in Feb studying Paramedicine.

What are you riding?

Trek Slash 7 (due for an upgrade, Stumpy Evo is the current top wanted)

Favorite ride?

Rotorua is definitely a favorite! My other half lived there before we moved to Welly and we rode every weekend. No trail untouched. Definitely have some more exploring to do in Wellington but love some Polhill laps or sessioning some Mt Vic trails

Best experience on a bike?

My parents, two brothers and I had a trip to Whistler BC. The tech there is insane and where my love for crazy tech trails began. Also riding in Queenstown when I was younger with my family was also some great memories.

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