Kids bikes -

What size kids bike?

This is one of the most common questions we hear when parents are looking for a new bike for their kid. So, what size bike should you get for your child? 

Kids bike sizes indicated by what wheel size the bike has, these are 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch. 

Specialized Riprock Coaster 12 Inch

Starting out at the youngest, two to three year olds are best suited on a runner bike, like the Hotwalk, to learn balance and build confidence before they move to a bike with pedals. Learning to ride on a balance often means that they move to a 12" kids bike with out relying training wheels. Most kids step up to a 12" wheeled bike like the Hotrock, or Riprock when they're between three to five years old. At five to six years old a 16" is normally the best bet. Both the 12" and 16" size bikes are single speed with a coaster brake and come with removable training wheels. 

Once a child has reached 6 years old they can normal fit on a 20 inch wheel bike. At this size range there's the option of geared bikes, like the Riprock. This is a great bike for riding off road and the big tires will give plenty of confidence on rough tracks. Nine to twelve year olds step up to the 24 inch, this is the last kids specific bike before moving on to small or extra small adults bike.

Specialized Riprock Coaster 20 Inch

Specialized Riprock Coaster 20 Inch


While this is a handy starting point, there are many factors to what kids bike will suit your child. Some children are slower to grow, some lack confidence on bikes, or learn to ride at a late age. For these children starting out on the next size down may be the best idea. We hope this has given you a starting point to finding a new bike for you kids, however there's nothing better then bringing them in, letting them sit on a bike and giving it a test ride!

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