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Trainers Delivered To Your Door...

Trainers Delivered To Your Door...

How do you feel about online sales, and the growing grey area of businesses becoming ‘essential services’ to provide goods?

A number of bike shops and Distributors are starting to get EMBIE sign off to offer limited ‘essential’ product. While we’re still deciding what this might mean for iRIDE on-site (we are investigating), we do have some key partners who are able to ‘drop-ship’ our product right to your door (NOW).

Our NEW web site was in TEST PHASE however even more so than ever it does seem the right tool, where it makes sense, to get key product out to our ride community in the safest way. You may well find a few ‘cracks’ we need to tidy up as we hadn’t intended on full launch just yet however we are taking an ’as needs’ approach, and the need appears to be growing. Please also email us if you do find any errors or mistakes. Thanks in advance on that front!

Indoor trainers were given a hammering in all stores from what we are hearing post lock-down. Most will be cleaned out and awaiting new shipments anytime from mid April ETA’s. We have strong back orders across TACX, Wahoo and Elite. We also work with Feedback, RevBox and Cycleops. Get in quick if you are interested.

Email us with any queries, product availability, delivery, pre order questions at We are answering emails daily.

Find below a longer mailer  'word wise' than usual with content from some of our product partners. With a little more time to read and research we've enclosed some tips and ideas from each. Enjoy!

Stay safe out there folks!

What you need to ask yourself is this: "What do I want to achieve with my home trainer workouts?"

Rollers are very useful to train both indoors and outdoors. This is why they're among the most used in the pre-competition warm up phases. As they are light and foldable, they have a small footprint and are very easy to transport.

Classic home trainers are ideal for those who want to train their resistance at home, withno need for high connectivity. Their internal resistance is what differentiates them. Bicycle home trainers with fluid resistance are marked by how fluid it is to pedal on them, while the magnetic resistance ones let you easily adjust resistance levels.

Smart (non-interactive) home trainers are perfect if you're looking for accuracy and effectiveness, but also connectivity, thanks to the many workout apps available online.

Interactive home trainers are ideal if you're looking for intense and fun workouts. Interactivity lets you bring your workouts one step forward. The immediate resistance adjustments and truly fluid pedalling are perfect to work out like a pro!

I want an interactive home trainer. What's better, the Direto X or the Suito?

Elite Trainers

Elite has 4 interactive home trainers and 2 interactive rollers. In the next paragraph, we shall make an in-depth analysis of 2 of our most important interactive home trainers, and Suito.

They're both direct-drive and deliver great pedalling feeling and accuracy from the get-go.

Their electronically managed resistance is magnetic as it wirelessly connects to your device (ANT+ or BLE Smart) and adjust resistance on the basis of the pre-set course, be it GPS or one of the Zwift courses.

Both models deliver very high power output levels as they can simulate really steep gradients.

Direto X stands out compared to the Suito for better accuracy (1.5% against 2.5%), higher gradient simulation (18% against 14%) and slightly higher power output.
However, the biggest difference is represented by the presence of the integrated OTS power meter inside the Direto X.

The OTS - Optical Torque Sensor - measures the effective power output in order to offer highly accurate workouts.

The Suito, even though it presents slightly inferior technical features, is appreciated for how compact it is and also the fact that legs and cassette (Shimano 105) are pre-assembled, thus drastically reducing installation times.

Both the Direto X and Suito are compatible with most road and mountain bikes models, including carbon ones, and are used by the best pro teams, both on the road and off the road.

Choose the Direto X if you want the great accuracy of a power meter, while for great ease and convenience Suito is the the one you want.

You can find the Elite collection here.

There’s no gain without pain in the world of cycling. While some go it alone into a headwind on the open road, others prefer the indoor comfort of their very own cycling pain cave. With the inclusion of a few essential elements, you too can convert your basement into the ultimate pain cave.


The essential elements of any pain cave consist of equipment, accessories, comfort, and ambience. In the ideal environment of our own personal pain cave, we often surprise ourselves with just how much pain we can tolerate. Here’s how to build your own.


The smart trainer is the centrepiece of any pain cave, and today’s top trainers offer an interactive experience that significantly enhances any indoor experience. Choose a direct drive trainer with interactive control and low noise so as not to disturb family and neighbours.

The NEO 2T Smart and FLUX 2 Smart lead the way in our smart trainer range. Quiet, highly accurate, and with a supreme ride feel, they also provide integration with other platforms for that complete interactive experience that makes riding in the pain cave more authentic.


Riding in the pain cave can quickly become hot work. And without a fan, you’ll soon cook. A free-standing gym fan is a great budget option and can transform the experience. But for those with a little more to spend, fans with targetted directional airflow are ideal. After all, we remain in a fixed spot while cycling indoors, so why not maximise the airflow across a smaller cross-sectional area?

Remote-controlled fans or sensor-based fans that enable speed control are the best options. They allow for dynamic adjustments in fan speed as the intensity of the workout increases.


The benefits of a quality mat are surprising. Aside from aesthetics, a floor mat holds your smart trainer firmly in place with no slip. In addition, they help dampen any noise and vibrations from your smart trainer—something that’s especially useful if your pain cave has a wooden floor.

Many of us sweat buckets when training indoors, and no one wants a pool of sweat seeping into a porous floor material. Mats are easy to wipe down after use with little effort.

At Tacx, we offer both rollable and foldable mats. Both come in a lightweight foam design in a high-quality grippy and waterproof finish.


Indoor cycling these days is all about the interactive experience. And any pain cave design requires a sound mounting solution for the monitors, TV’s, or screens that we use to recreate those ever-more authentic experiences.

A desk or a stand with an adjustable height is ideal as it can be tailored exactly to rider preference. You’ll also need somewhere to place that morning coffee as you warm up!


Tired of tangled cables yanking the earphones out of your ear? Perhaps it’s time to go wireless with Bluetooth headphones that let you move more freely on the bike.
Whether it’s an upbeat playlist on Spotify or communication with other riders on online platforms, a quality pair of headphones will also help ensure you don’t turn housemates and neighbours into enemies. Many offerings also provide noise-cancelling technology—a particularly useful feature for those with a loud smart trainer or other constant ambient sounds in the background.


It’s all too easy to use your pain cave as another storage area. Try and keep it clean and organised. Minimising the clutter within the room will also help ensure you minimise mind clutter and remain focused on the job at hand.

Natural lighting also helps. If your pain cave is in the attic or basement, try and set up in a space near a window, where you’ll also benefit from a view and ventilation.
You can also improve the aesthetics of your pain cave by hiding the cords from your trainer’s TV and other accessories by running them through a rubber or PVC cord cover.


Visualisation is powerful, and all cyclists can garner a few extra watts by accessing the memory banks of our previous successes. We go harder and deeper when we’re reminded of what we can do. So why not set up your pain cave to reinforce those memories?

Perhaps hang up your old jerseys and medals, place old trophies around the cave. If framed art is your thing, then countless epic photos of some of the greats are widely available. Few things set the tone as well for a solid workout.


There’s no surer way to entice yourself into that pain cave each evening than to gamify the experience. A high-speed internet connection can become the portal to a whole new world of experience for the indoor cyclist. Between Zwift and Tacx Software solutions, there are endless ways to make the suffering fun. Whether it’s the new racing buddies on Zwift, or the stunning landscapes of the top Tour climbs on Tacx’s high-quality films, the interactive side to training in a pain cave makes it both rewarding and alluring.


There’s little point in designing the ideal pain cave if you’re not prepared to sweat in it! There are a few essentials that should always be within arms reach. Firstly, a highly-absorbent microfibre towel will help deal with sweat with one swipe. The antibacterial properties of some offerings also help ensure there are no lingering odours. When riding indoors, we often spend considerably more time in the saddle when compared to outdoor riding. It’s important to pay attention to the nether region, especially when sweating heavily. Having chamois cream on hand will reduce the effects of chafing on longer indoor rides.

In setting up the ideal pain cave, there’s little to distract us and little to moan about. Done correctly, the pain cave sets us up to win. And that beats a headwind on an exposed road any day!

Whether you’re climbing the volcano in Watopia or sweating through virtual intervals, we have the trainer for you. Tacx’s award-winning NEO and FLUX trainers have both been upgraded for 2019. The NEO 2, FLUX 2 and FLUX S offer an interactive and immersive indoor cycling experience. Super-silent and with automatic resistance, they bring virtual cycling to life. So which one is right for your ride?

So you’ve read the specs and checked the prices, but still can’t decide which type of trainer suits you best. Let us help. It all depends on your training goals, how often you train indoors, what you expect from an indoor trainer and which training app you use.

All three measure your speed, power and cadence accurately and offer automatic controlled resistance: so they adjust resistance automatically according to the input from your chosen workout, GPS course, Tacx Film or virtual world in Zwift. What this means is that when you start and interval or come to the start of a steep hill, the trainer will increase the resistance. Or when in the middle of a virtual peloton on Zwift it’s easier, but if you go to the front it gets a lot harder.

The major difference between these trainers is the level of simulation. With the most advanced trainer for example, when you ride across a wooden bridge or cobbles, you can actually feel the vibrations. Or the thrill of cresting a mountain and accelerating into the descent. While on the steepest climbs you get to suffer deeper. If you’re competing in eraces or riding regularly on Zwift, these effects become super satisfying.


The smart choice for performance

The FLUX S ticks all the boxes when you’re looking for a direct drive trainer. Reliable, accurate, silent, strong and with excellent ride feel, this bike trainer is the ideal indoor training companion for the hours of torture or pleasure.

The ride feel is super smooth and very responsive thanks the large 7kg flywheel ensures fantastic ride feel, replicating the sensation of riding on the road. Like all trainers it pairs seamlessly with the most popular training apps and software available.

Reliable, accurate and consistent power measurement is key to keeping track of your performance and progress. The FLUX S excels, accurately measuring watts to within 3%. It’s a strong trainer with a maximum sprint resistance of 1500 watts and can realistically simulate inclines up to 10% gradient. It’s a great direct drive trainer for the majority of the amateur riders and an ideal training companion.


Wider simulation range, better ride feel and more accurate power measurement

The FLUX 2 is midway between the FLUX S and the NEO 2. It doesn’t offer the 4D riding experience of the NEO, but you can still experience real climbs up to 16% even at slow speeds, so it has a bigger range of simulation.

Equipped with a bigger and stronger resistance unit together with a heavier flywheel, the FLUX 2 has a maximum resistance of 2000 Watts, which is enough for even the strongest riders. The bigger flywheel increases the mass inertia effect, which ensures an improvement in ride feel and makes every pedal stroke very smooth.

Also, the internal structure has been redesigned completely, which enables power measurement that’s accurate to within 2.5%. Compared to the FLUX S, this trainer is for those who demand more from a bike trainer.

The FLUX S and the FLUX 2 have the same chassis design. Both are designed to bring vibrations and noise levels to the absolute minimum and are therefore among the most silent flywheel equipped direct drive trainers available. With improved axle and bike compatibility, they also have capacity for long cage derailleurs.


World-beating cycling simulator

Probably the best smart turbo on the market, the Tacx Neo 2’s virtual flywheel is able to replicate just about any wattage, incline or road surface. If you’re ready to invest in your training and want the best substitute for road cycling, this trainer is unbeatable.

The NEO 2 is also an updated version of its predecessor the NEO, which was already voted the world’s No.1 turbo trainer by TitaniumGeek. It boasts the same immersive features like Road Feel so you can experience the vibrating sensation of riding on cobblestones, gravel or many other road surfaces when riding with Tacx Films or Zwift. As well as Dynamic Inertia, which compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination, improving the cycling feeling significantly. It requires no calibration and no external power, unless you’re using the downhill feature.

As well as the Isokinetic and Isotonic training modes for improving your pedal stroke, the Neo 2 has a host of new features for analysing your efficiency on the bike. These include pedal stroke analysis, left/right balance and improved cadence accuracy. Plus improved ERG control thanks to a new microcontroller and additional memory. It is without question the most silent, realistic and accurate bike trainer available. It’s not for nothing the choice of the pro riders and made for those who want the best of the best.

You can find the Tacx collection here.



With improvements made to make KICKR almost silent, the only noise you'll hear will be the sound of your chain when you shift gears as you power through your workout.


KICKR indoor trainer's large flywheel uses new algorithms to improve responsiveness and better replicate the sensation of riding on the road. So, whether free-riding or using online platforms like Zwift and Trainer Road, you will have the same experience you feel on your favorite outdoor rides.


With over 2,200 watts of resistance and an incredibly stable design, KICKR is built to withstand the intense forces dished out by the most powerful cyclists in the world.


The KICKR features integrated cadence measurement, a pre-installed 11-speed cassette, a convenient carrying handle, and a tire size height adjustment to ensure you're up and riding as quickly as possible.


By pairing KICKR CLIMB to the new KICKR you can take your training to another level by integrating real ascents and descents into your workouts.

Looking for some in-depth reviews then DC Rainmaker has a blog worth checking out here.

You can find the Wahoo collection here.

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