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Phil's Ritte Ace Review

We're very excited to now have Ritte road frames in store. Wellington rider Phil Spora was one of the first in New Zealand to pick up one of their flagship road racing frames, the Ace, read his impression of his new bike below.

"I've been riding an aero road bike for the last couple of years. I enjoyed riding it in all conditions and felt I was never disadvantaged whilst climbing, descending and overall handling. I was often asked how the aero bike was for climbing (which I really enjoy) and I always responded with; there was no difference!

Well, I received the new Ritte Ace last week. And to be honest I was a bit sceptical about how it would compete with an aero rocket bike. Im pretty sure it took at least 5 minutes of riding (no hills yet!) to make my mind up about the Ritte. Turns out, this bike is a rocket in its own right (pun??). The bike felt nimble, fast and very compliant. Then I hit the hills, many hills... I thought I was an okay climber, but after my first assault of the Aka's, I new this bike was a game changer for me. I haven't felt so relaxed and confident whilst climbing in quite a while. And if I got out of the saddle to accelerate, it was instantly responsive. Very impressed!

On the descents, same story. At no stage, even when pushing it hard into the corners, did I feel like it was going to take me off the edge! The best cliche' description; it descends like it's on rails.

For the record, I'm using my original Dura-Ace C35 wheels and a new Dura-Ace 9000 group set that I have used before for several years. So all that is really different to my previous bike is the Ritte Ace frame set and forks.

One other feature of a new bike that is sometimes not mentioned, is how it looks. I had looked at the pictures on the web and thought the frames looked stunning. As usual, things always look better in the flesh. Immaculately finished with some great lines and curves (still talking about the frame here!). Not only does it look great, it is quite different to all the other frames out there. It's a little bold, but that's what makes it stand out and look stunning.

So to sum up, I absolutely love the new bike! Simple as that.
It's ascending, descending and even when driving it into Wellingtons gentle zephyr it just wants to keep going. The only limitations I've found so far are my legs and lungs. And I'm working hard to improve them!

Highly recommended."

- Phil

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