iRIDE Tour de France Fantasy League

The 2015 Tour de France starts this Saturday. Join iRIDE's Tour de France Fantasy League and if you have the highest ranked team at the end of the Tour de France you will not only have bragging rights, but will also win a pair of Limited Edition Oakley Tour de France Eyeshades seen below (worth $300). 

Joining is easy, to start setting up your team click HERE. Once you have registered go through and select your roster of riders and teams which you believe will win the most points. You have the ability to make up to 30 transfers throughout the tour, so you can change who is racing on your team depending on riders strengths, how they are performing, or if they crash out. 

Once you have selected your team join our iRIDE league. Click on LEAGUES and enter the League Code: 16123602587981. That's it, you're all sorted. 

Make sure you have your team finalised before the start of the Tour, on the 4th of July and you're part of the iRIDE league to be in to win the pair of Oakley's.

We have lots of Tour de France festivities at iRIDE through out the Tour, with daily coverage on the big screen and special promotions. This Friday we also invite you to come down and watch the classic road riding film "Breaking Away", starting 5pm, a perfect way to end the week and build up to the start of the Tour de France!